Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lush Addiction

I've been mildly obsessed with all things Lush as of late, so when I was at the Lush store a few days ago, I cracked and bought a few things.. I don't know how you can resist because the whole store just smells so divine. That and the employees are overly helpful and persuasive (more so persuasive). I figured that after conquering first semester, I deserve to pamper myself, and so I did. 
I only picked up a few things ('cause I'm currently tight on money), but I was excited about all of them nonetheless. I got the Avobath Bath Bomb,  the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Sadly, I've already used the Avobath Bath Bomb and half of the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar because I couldn't find it in myself to have to wait to use them. And guys, go to your nearest Lush store asap because both of them smell heavenly. Avobath is especially refreshing because it has avocados in it. As for the lip scrub, I'm definitely a fan! I've always wanted to try it so I thought I should give it a go. I wasn't expecting to like the Bubblegum flavor, but I actually liked it the most out of the other three. And yes, you can lick it off your lips and yes, it tastes good. 
Post-purchase, I found myself on the Lush website adding things to my wish list.. I'm pretty excited for Christmas though because my sister bought me one of those gift box sets (that I told her I wanted) as my present this year, which is loads to be excited about. Anyways, I think that's enough ramble about Lush for tonight. Expect more Lush posts in the future though because I know there will be plenty!

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