Friday, February 7, 2014

Magazines to Sooth the Soul

I'm finally home for the weekend and I seem to have acquired quite a few magazines in one day... I stopped by Barnes & Noble because I wanted to see if they finally had the U.K Marie Claire with Ellie Goulding in stock and they did! Ellie is my queen so there was no question about picking up an issue. I also stumbled upon the January 2014 issue of Company magazine, which I thought wouldn't be out anymore so I was glad to see it on the shelves. To me, it's basically the U.K equivalent to America's Teen Vogue. I personally prefer it over Teen Vogue because I feel like they include more pictures of raw street style and it isn't all just styled photo shoots. That and I really like the overall texture of the magazine. I know that sounds weird, but it doesn't have that glossy finish. It's more like the type of paper used for newspapers, but thicker and sturdier. It even smells like newspaper (don't judge me because I like the smell of a magazine). I briefly skimmed through them earlier and there are a lot of things that caught my eye. Surprisingly, even the Teen Vogue magazine had a few things that I took to liking. I've lost interest in Teen Vogue the past few years, but I still get the monthly subscription in the mail so I still peruse through them. 
Anyways, if you're wanting new magazines to read or want some inspiration from somewhere else other than the internet, pick up these issues! You won't be disappointed! 

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