Monday, January 6, 2014

Bath Bombs to Sooth My Soul

I bought more bath bombs recently. What's new? If you're new to this blog, I've been on a Lush craze since I came home for winter break. Check out some of my other Lush posts under the "Lush" label to the left. It's kind of ridiculous how addicting these things are. I just can't stop myself. At least I'll be going back to school soon so I won't be able to spend my money on anymore Lush products for awhile! (There's still the option of ordering online, but I'd rather smell everything first).
Moving right along, the new ones I picked out were Honey Bee and Lord of Misrule. I didn't even want to buy anything for myself because I only went inside to buy my sister a birthday present, but one of the Lush employees started bombarding me with all of her helpful opinions and such that I couldn't resist. Honey Bee smells divine and has a really sweet toffee scent, which is what drew me into buying it. After I picked out Honey Bee I thought I was done shopping for myself, but the girl who was helping me told me about Lord of Misrule and how it turns red so then I was immediately sold on that. I think at this point, I should just make it a goal to try all of the bath bombs. Or at least the ones that smell nice to me. 

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