Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bathing in a Pink Dream

With  all the Lush products I've acquired recently, I spent my New Year's Eve the other day relaxing and pampering myself to a nice bath. Seriously guys, this Lush obsession has escalated so quickly. Just the other day I bought more bath bombs... I should really try some of their longer use products though (i.e. lotions, body scrubs, etc) 'cause as much as I love the bath bombs and bubble bars, I get so sad once they're gone. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the baths as long as I possibly can!  
For my bath in the pictures above, I used the Sakura Bath Bomb and the Comforter Bubble Bar that I got from the Hello Gorgeous gift set I received for Christmas. Both smell incredible and once you step in the bath, you can feel how moisturizing it is on your skin. I was sad to see this magical pink water go down the drain (which got its color from the Comforter Bubble Bar btw), but my skin smelled and felt so good afterwards and I was left feeling refreshed and relaxed. There's no stopping me with this Lush fascination and I'll probably keep telling my friends/family to just get me Lush products for birthdays/Christmas. 

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