Friday, January 3, 2014

The Perfect Winter Coat

I've been searching for a coat similar to the ones above for the longest time now! I think great outerwear is a must during the winter time. I want to stay warm, but I still want to look stylish! I haven't found a coat yet because it's pretty hard for me to find a coat I like that actually fits well and is still comfortable. I have no idea why it's so difficult for me. I always get so nit picky about certain details of whatever coat I try on. It's like, it looks nice on the hanger and then I try it on and it's a whole new story. I'm probably making it more challenging than it is, and a part of me just wants to give up 'cause it'll be spring in no time. But I'm going to keep searching while I'm still home for the remainder of my break. Hopefully I find one! Keep your fingers crossed!

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